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Getting a new men’s haircut can help you show yourself and alter your appearance and mood. Getting the correct men’s hairstyle is more than just picking a fashionable style. You should be aware of your face shape, lifestyle, and the kind of hair you have as well as This blog ensures you look nice and provides everything you need to acquire the ideal men’s haircut for your hair type. 

Understanding Hair Types

Men’s hair has four main types: straight, wavy, curly, and coily. Each type has unique traits that determine the best haircut styles. 


If your hair is straight, it doesn’t automatically twist. It might be more likely to get dirty since it lies flat against your head. The buzz cut, crew cut, pompadour, and trim are great for male straight hairstyle. You can pick from simple styles that don’t need much care to more complex styles that make hair smoother and more accessible to style naturally. 


Wavy hair has a natural wave that looks good in art, giving it more fullness and a different feel than straight hair. Cuts about shoulder length, such as quiffs, side splits, layered cuts, and stacked cuts, bring out the natural beauty of wavy hair. You look bright and stylish when you wear your hair in these ways, and the waves that are already there look even better. 


Curly hair is different because the curls can be tight or loose. Wavy hair can look better with cuts like afros, fades, and short wavy ends. These styles show off the curls and thickness of the hair while keeping its original shape. 


Hair that is coily is tightly curled or coiled, generally has a lot of volume, and is stiff. Weave cuts, flat tops, buzz cuts, and twist-outs look good on wavy hair. Because of their shape and style, these haircuts are great for matching style and form. They remove a lot of extra thickness and show off your hair’s natural shape. 

Matching Haircuts with Face Shapes

If you want to pick a haircut for men that makes your face look its best, you must know how it is formed. Four key face shapes are to consider: oval, round, square, and heart. 

Oval Faces:

Many styles, like buzz cuts, pompadours, and quiffs, look good on people with oval faces. Avoid heavy fringes, however, as they can make your face look more prominent. 

Round Faces:

High fringes and pompadours, which have sharp edges, can make people with round faces look bigger and better. People look better when they wear these types together because they make them look bigger and longer. A side part can help make the face look longer by making the hair look out of place. You should stay away from hairstyles that make your face look more prominent. 

Square Faces:

For people with square faces, classic cuts like the side part and trim can help show off their strong chin, broad forehead, and sharp features. These styles make their best facial traits stand out and look better. Cuts with texture, like messy crops, soften the sides, making you look more natural and at ease. 

Heart-Shaped Faces:

Styles for hair that is shoulder-length or longer, like side parts and wavy crops, look great on people with heart-shaped faces. These designs can make you look balanced by changing your face and chin sizes. If you have a thin chin, bangs can make your hair look longer, but you should avoid styles that make your head look more extensive. 

Considering Hair Density and Texture

When picking out the right haircut, it’s essential to consider the amount and thickness of your hair. 

Thick Hair:

Very thick hair can be hard to style and deal with because it is so thick. You can try stacked styles, undercuts, or wavy cuts if you have thick hair. They help to cut down on bulk 

Thin Hair:

If your hair is too thin, it might not be thick enough and look dull. Like the crew and buzz cut, short cuts make hair look more extensive. This haircut adds length and depth to your hair, making it feel lighter. Long haircuts, on the other hand, can make thin hair look limp and lifeless, so you should avoid them. 

Coarse Hair:

Coarse hair needs more care and attention because it often tends to dry and frizzy. Layered cuts can reduce volume and make it easier to dress, while shorter haircuts can help control frizz and make upkeep easier. Don’t get cuts that show off your hair’s rough structure. 

Fine Hair:

Too thin hair often lacks body and looks flat. Layered haircuts make hair look more alive and full, and rough cuts like the quiff and pompadour make hair look bigger and thicker. Don’t get a haircut that makes your hair too full or thick. 


We at Fresh Hair Dresser know that getting a man the right haircut is more than following the latest trends. Considering your hair type, facial shape, hair volume, and color can help you choose a haircut that suits you and accentuates your features. Our salon’s stylists can advise you precisely what products to use and how to maintain outstanding shape in your hair. Fresh Hair Dresser promises to get you a fashionable haircut that won’t need much maintenance and will boost your self-confidence. 

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