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Welcome To Fresh Men's Hairdressers

Located in the heart of South Kensington London.

Hi, my name is John Fresh and I am an experienced men’s Hairdresser who has worked in South Kensington for over 30 years. I offer a very personal service for men who require a regular or tailored haircut by the same barber who gets to know your hair and how you like to wear it. Apart from the regular short back and sides I specialise in medium and long hair cutting. I also specialise in discreet grey reduction, all-over colouring, bleaching blonde and long hair highlighting. Situated in the heart of South Kensington the salon is conveniently positioned close to South Kensington station at 39 Old Brompton Road, SW7 3HZ next door to Ole and Steen Danish Bakery. Bookings are by appointment only which you can do online or by phoning me. I offer a special discount for students with ID

If you are always getting your haircut at different barbers or the barber at your regular salon keeps changing with varying results then you need a personal barber like me who will get to know your hair and how you like to wear it

What We Offer


Hair Cutting

Transform your style with Fresh Men’s Hairdresser’s top-tier haircut services in South Kensington. With over 30 years experience in both men and women’s haircuts I blend classic techniques with cutting-edge trends to create the perfect haircut for every modern gentleman. Whether you prefer timeless styles or the latest looks, each service is tailored to your unique personality and taste. Discover the convenience of our prime located  South Kensington hair salon and leave with a polished, stylish, very uniquely your style. Being committed to understanding your needs each haircut, shampoo and consultation takes between 30 and 45 minutes. This is only achieved with an online booking appointment at a time that suits you. Experience the transformation at Fresh Men’s Hairdressers, where every cut is guided by you.



The only difference between a haircut and a restyle is the longer in depth consultation. Pictures says a thousand words so bringing photos are a great idea, but cutting a hairstyle is only half the picture, I need to know what your style is, what your work environment is like, how you see yourself, are you a sharp fashion follower, a casual professional, are you a creative artist these are all guides for the correct hairstyle for you. We then have to determine if the style will work for you as some styles require products to make them work, we also have to look at your hair to see if its suitable and how practical it is for you to wear, its no good picking a style slicked back if your hair grows forward. If you are thinking of growing your hair I can advise and start the process of cutting your hair to help it ‘grow into a longer style’ If you are thinking of a change of hairstyle and need advice before you commit call me or book online for a free consultation

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Grey Reduction

Having been trained in men’s and women’s hairdressing I have over 30 years of experience dealing with colours. The most popular colour treatment i do is the 5 minutes temporary shampoo in grey reduction, like ‘Just for men’ which is good for turning back the clock 5/10 years which you can book online. For a more permanent coverage to cover all grey I use Wella colours. I also do highlights, front flashes and all-over bleach blonde. Due to the variable times for the different treatments, a phone consultation or a free in-salon online consultation would be required to discuss your requirements.

Tuesday to Friday From 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Monday & Sunday Closed