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JOHN FRESH HAIRDRESSING  offers a great discount for ALL students (of any Uni) and the staff of Imperial College. I am probably the closes hairdressers to Imperial being only 4 minutes walk away at South Kensington station and I believe offer the best quality service and value in the whole of South Kensington
STUDENT MEN shampoo, cut and finish £24 (approx 30 minutes)
STUDENT WOMEN shampoo, cut and rough dry £40 (£10 more for a salon finished blow-dry)
(PLEASE NOTE STUDENT DISCOUNT APPLIES MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10.30 to last appointment 4.30pm and SATURDAY 10am to 12.15pm)

IMPERIAL STAFF MEN shampoo cut and finish £35 (approx 30 minutes)
Same Number all over clipper cuts from only £15

IMPERIAL STAFF WOMEN shampoo cut and blow-dry £58 (approx 60 minutes)

Very close to Imperial college only 70 meters from South Ken tube station, just past Starbucks and the Lamborghini show room
Tuesday to Friday 10.30 to 6.30pm Saturdays 9.30 to 5.30pm
I only work by appointments only, and the best way is to book on-line from this website it’s really easy and you’ll get a text reminder closer to your appointment or phone me on 0207 823 8968